About Us

Multi-ethnic business groupRMTD Solutions is an international consulting firm providing an array of business and IT consulting solutions. By utilizing a portfolio of innovative products and services, we help our clients flourish in an increasingly turbulent business environment. With experience in seven countries across three continents, RMTD’s business and IT expertise comes with a global prospective. We use this prospective to deliver value to our clients both domestically and abroad.

Founded in Dallas, Texas, RMTD began as a strategy consulting firm geared towards small businesses. From the outset we have utilized a logical, methodical, and scientific approach, crafting sustainable solutions supported by a solid bedrock of research. We took no chances when it came to our clients’ success. As our company has grown this principle has never been altered; we continue to treat every client as a partner and to approach every problem with the same tireless attitude.

Our work has always been driven by a singular vision; improving companies in a manner that also improves the world. While this may sound cliche, at RMTD Solutions we understand that our actions do have a tangible impact, not just on bottom lines, but on people, communities, and the environment. Above all, we strive to ensure that this impact is positive, an attitude that has taken our firm to some of the most destitute regions on the planet. While we are proud to say that we have helped our clients make money, we are prouder when we say that RMTD Solutions has made a difference.

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