Solution Partners

Dogg Media

Dogg Media will help start you off on the right page in regards to your business’s digital marketing plans. We have been consulting and designing in the DFW metroplex since 1999, and focus on small businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs.

Opening an easy inexpensive gateway to the world for your new company or personal digital life. We will help entrepreneurs begin their company and product branding through the Internet while allowing individuals to be open and unique on the Internet.

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is the  third most widely used EMR software in the United States, with over 100,00 users serving more than 20 million patients.  It is free, web-based, and certified for stage 1 meaningful use.  Practice Fusion is known for its ease of use.  This quality helped it to be voted the number one EHR in customer satisfaction in 2011.  RMTD Solutions is a Certified Practice Fusion Consultant.

 Amadeyr Cloud

Amadeyr Cloud is a partnership dedicated to promoting literacy amongst people in some of the poorest areas in the world.  Through their Digits to All program, they provide free tablets with educational software to illiterate and semi-literate individuals with the desire to learn to read and write.  They are experts in cloud computing as well as app development and other programming.  We partner with these experts to develop custom software solutions.


Netsuite offers the world’s most widely used cloud ERP solution.  Its software has the potential to improve efficiency across most areas of an enterprise.   It can dramatically improve both the efficiency and efficacy of the finance, reporting, procurement, fulfillment, inventory, human resources, and accounting functions.  The proper implementation and use of a fully integrated ERP solution provides numerous benefits for any firm.

Greenway Medical

Greenway medical offers PrimeSUITE, a fully integrated electronic health record (EHR/EMR) and practice management (PM) solution.  It is also certified for stage one meaningful use.  The integration between the electronic record and practice management software helps the practice become more efficient, simplifying workflow and saving users invaluable time.  RMTD Solutions is a Bronze Partner with Greenway.

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