As you will see, we offer an incredibly wide range of consulting services, covering essentially all aspects of an enterprise.  Rather than specialize, we have come to realize that properly assisting a client often requires an analysis and understanding of the entire firm and its constituencies.  Furthermore, interference into any aspect of a firm has far reaching consequences via an intricate, interconnected network of critical relationships.  These relationships, as well as the consequences of intervention, should be understood by the consultant and then conveyed to the client.

In short, we aim to treat enterprises as a whole rather than specific problems.  This approach complements our scientific methodology; after a thorough, logical analysis specific problems can be traced to their root causes and eliminated permanently.  Naturally, these solutions are far superior to any temporary fixes, and in most cases they result in a permanent improvement in the functional capabilities of the firm.

To RMTD Solutions, a solution is not an action that eliminates one problem only to create another, or solves the problem at an unreasonable cost.  A solution adds value after all consequences are taken into account, and leaves the client firm transformed positively and undeniably.

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