ERP implementation often proves to be one of the most frustrating projects a business ever undertakes. These implementations frequently take longer and cost more than was originally promised, creating prolonged upheaval within organizations. In many cases, the project is canceled entirely.

shutterstock_59453413We understand the perils of implementation, and so our focus is on simplifying the process for our clients. After performing a detailed analysis of the client, our team constructs a perfectly tailored ERP solution. Our solutions are designed to provide value; we never sell unnecessary software or customizations. This is a big part of the reason our implementations are usually completed on time and on budget. RMTD Solutions consultants will work with your management and employees through every step of the process, using their input to help design an easy to use system. We offer complete value added services for all of our software, handling implementation, training, support, and system management.

We approach software from a business rather than an IT perspective, understanding that software is a means to an end, a tool to further your business objectives. Other vendors and consultants take the opposite approach, forcing businesses to radically transform to fit into their chosen software. This method often results in catastrophe. Software adds value only when it operates in harmony with the strategy and operations of the firm. This is the foundation of our ERP implementation method, and the principal reason that our clients are so often satisfied.

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