Healthcare IT

The passage of the HITECH act in 2009 fundamentally changed the landscape of information technology for healthcare providers. Powerful government incentives were put in place to encourage the adoption of electronic medical records (EMR). These incentives were paired with a looming threat, percentage reductions in medicare and medicaid reimbursements for doctors that fail to implement this technology. While this regulation was largely enacted on behalf of insurance companies, doctors themselves were left to handle the difficult task of transforming their practices from paper to digital.

shutterstock_35846806We specialize in handling this transition, using our skills and experience to implement electronic medical record systems while allowing doctors to do what they do best, care for their patients. RMTD Solutions understands that healthcare providers face a unique set of challenges when they adopt new software. Unlike other businesses, doctors simply cannot afford to have their practice closed or disrupted for days or weeks at a time. Even more importantly, they should never have to tolerate a reduction in the quality of care they deliver.

Our EMR implementation is process is designed with this philosophy in mind. Every step is designed to minimize any disruption and ensure that care is never compromised. We encourage our clients to schedule one on one and group training sessions at their convenience, allowing staff to learn the software at their own pace. The software is implemented gradually, and our consultants remain onsite throughout the entire process to solve any problems that may arise. After implementation, we continue to offer comprehensive service and support. Rather than rushing our clients through an arduous and intense implementation, we take as long as needed to ensure that the practice runs smoothly after the system goes live.

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