Our Software Process

Our software process is centered around our view of information technology wholly as a tool to accomplish specific business objectives.  This mindset colors our approach to every step of the software selection, creation, and implementation processes.  Almost all managers of aware of the grim statistics that are associated with software implementations.  These failures are not the result of inherent flaws in the software or the firm; instead they are caused by mistakes during implementation.  Companies that elect to implement software must balance the desire for more functionality with the necessity to finish on time and without unnecessary expense.  Projects and sometime even entire corporations can fail if this balance is not properly maintained.  We feel it is critical that any project maintains its focus and remains within its prescribed budget.

This rare feat is only possible when every single step of the process is supported by specialists in change management, project management, finance, and strategy.  These business experts work to ensure that the software achieves its objective while minimizing the cost and disruption caused due to the project.  All four of these disciplines are essential for success.  Inadequate training is a common cause of project failure; this is the responsibility of change management.  Going live prematurely or improperly is also a frequent mishap.  It is the responsibility of project managers to set reasonable deadlines and develop a functional plan for the company to begin its use of the software in real business situations.  Accurate financial forecasts are critical to the software selection process. Once the project begins finance assumes an even more important role, bearing the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that it is completed at an acceptable cost.
Business strategy experts uphold our fundamental principle, that the software is subordinate to the operations that it supports.  They evaluate and re-evaluate the project and software with respect to the broader goals that initially motivated the implementation as well as the overall strategy and direction of the firm.

In order for a software project to fully deliver, these diverse business experts must successfully integrate their expertise with that of IT specialists, end users, and a host of other stakeholders.  Issues related to this integration are another reason software projects are so prone to failure.  We are uniquely suited to deliver the broad knowledge required to make these complex projects work.  Our roster has specialists in all of the related disciplines, and these specialists have a  wealth of experience working together on similar projects.  They can help a company navigate the difficulties of software implementation and avoid joining the ranks of the many failures populating the dire anecdotes and reports that all managers encounter.

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