Corporate Finance

An effective corporate finance department is a hallmark of most successful organizations, providing management with analytical support for its most critical decisions. Our consultants have the acumen and experience to assist businesses no matter their size; from CFO level functions for small businesses to improvement and analysis for larger, more established finance departments. RMTD Solutions provides a whole host of finance consulting services to support these decisions. We specialize in financial projections and budgeting, financial statement analysis, valuations, and reporting.

shutterstock_3583323 Financial ServicesLarge, ambitious projects can potentially alter the fortunes of the entire company, and they should never be undertaken without a thorough and accurate capital budgeting forecast. Many firms that either failed to conduct such an analysis or received inaccurate information have found themselves in dire situations, forced to abandon their plans as well as their invested capital. RMTD Solutions supports the decision making process by providing a series of unbiased capital budgeting assessments. These assessments are comprehensive and forward-looking, detailing cash flows and risks for an entire range of likely scenarios. As time passes we continually refine and extend our forecasts, allowing our clients to make informed decisions at all times. We can readily expand our financial projections to cover entire the operations of an entire firm to support broad strategic decision making.

Properly analyzed financial statements can provide a wealth of information about a firm. These documents illuminate the consequences of prior decisions, both good and bad, and as such they are critical to any objective understanding of these decisions. Furthermore, financial statements detail the current strengths and weaknesses of the firm, as well as its ability to respond to future opportunities. Extracting this critical business information requires detailed, time-consuming, expert analysis that goes far beyond simple accounting and bottom lines. At RMTD Solutions we provide this analysis, using a blend of managerial and financial expertise to derive an objective, unbiased, and complex picture of the firm.

The success or failure of a merger or acquisition often hinges on the valuation, and these valuations can prove to be inherently problematic, especially for smaller business. The use of even slightly different valuation models and inputs can lead to wildly different final values, a fact that shrewd negotiators often use to their advantage. Oftentimes this murky quality allows one side to sell or buy a firm for a price that deviates significantly from its true value. Consequently it is absolutely critical for any firm involved in M&A to obtain an accurate valuation derived from and supported by a solid, factual foundation. RMTD Solutions provides this service, arming our clients with the knowledge to negotiate with confidence and ensuring that they never receive an unfair deal.


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