Global Business

Global expansion is an alluring prospect for many firms, one that offers seemingly unlimited opportunity. In reality, however, conducting business in a new country is a complex process requiring an intimate knowledge of local language, customs, and business practices. We know this firsthand; RMTD Solutions clients are spread across the world. This experience has helped us build a vast body of knowledge and a global network of partners.

Conducting business internationally take many forms; these include outsourcing, exporting, or even direct expansion. Each of these options offers distinctly different challenges. Once a firm decides it wants to expand, RMTD Solutions can help to determine which method of expansion is optimal given its circumstances. This decision is also dependent on the foreign market the client is targeting. RMTD Solutions also helps in this capacity, analyzing global opportunities to find those which best match the capabilities of the client firm.

Knowledge is most often the factor that determines success or failure with respect to transnational ventures. Research is our specialty, and we never allow a client to plunge headfirst into an unknown environment without a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of that environment. The world is an enormous market, representing almost infinite possibility, but without an object plan based on a foundation of solid research, it can prove to be graveyard for even the most well managed firms.

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