Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are seminal events in the life of a firm, often giving birth to a new, fundamentally transformed corporate entity.  Naturally, such a dramatic transformation can create myriad new opportunities for the firm to thrive and enjoy a period of fantastic prosperity, or fail and potentially even cease to exist entirely.  Needless to say, it is critical that the merger or acquisition process is managed flawlessly.  For firms being acquired, it can be the last opportunity for investors and founders to be financially rewarded for what often amounts to a lifetime of work, so it is equally critical for these firms have the requisite knowledge to receive the best price possible.

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of a merger or acquisition is the wide variety of tasks that must be accomplished; all of whose results must successfully converge in order to be successful.  Proper project management and change management techniques must be employed to manage the difficulties of the transition.  In addition, valuations must be objective and precise in order for the investment to be profitable.  This is particularly true for firms being acquired; an accurate valuation is the most important negotiating tool they can possess.  Such negotiations can often prove to be complex and contentious, and larger acquirers often use their position to take advantage of smaller acquirees, who ultimately receive a lower price.  When a firm is fully confident in their valuation, they are able to stand firm in negotiations, frequently achieving a more profitable outcome.

RMTD Solutions specializes in all three of these essential M&A disciplines, and experts in these fields work alongside our other merger and acquisition specialists to ensure that the client is prepared to handle every aspect of the process.  Especially for a firm that has never experienced one of these events, having an experienced team of consultants to assist is essential.  The advice and assistance we provide can ensure that your firm makes the right decisions during this most critical time.

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