Organizational Change Management

More so than ever before, organizations must adapt to survive and thrive in increasingly difficult business environments. Oftentimes, this adaptation requires fundamental, firm-wide change. This change can derive from mergers and acquisitions, new strategic visions, business process re-engineering, information systems, and a whole host of other transformational ventures. While the potential benefits are tremendous, organizational change can be a difficult, delicate process, especially for employees.

Our experience with ERP implementations, mergers and acquisitions, and wholesale strategy shifts have helped to hone our skills in managing these radical business evolutions. We understand that organizational buy-in at all levels of the firm is critical for any successful change management operation. In order to achieve this buy-in, we focus our efforts on communication and training, helping employees to understand their new roles within the evolved firm.

Our change management process integrates elements of behavioral science and psychology to manage the attitudes of employees as they attempt to navigate through potentially stressful and dramatic changes in their jobs and, by extension, their lives. Change almost always begets fear, but once this fear is alleviated organizations are free to reap the incredible benefits that organizational change can provide.

As a corollary, RMTD Solutions offers elite project management expertise. Our consultants have experience managing million dollar projects on tight deadlines, and are adept at balancing the various pressures that all project managers face on a daily basis. Again, we use these skills in conjunction with our software implementation, global business, and corporate finance services to maximize our effectiveness.

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