“RMTD Solutions understands business strategy. Every time we sit down and talk shop, my mind is expanded, and I’m able to clearly see the next few steps that will take my business to the next level. The thing I love most about working with RMTD Solutions is their ability to really listen to and take into consideration my concerns, ideas, and inspirations related to my business and then advise me on what steps I need to take next, rather than just dumping a bunch of knowledge and suggestions that have no relevance to what I am striving to create. I highly recommend working with RMTD Solutions if you’re looking to significantly improve your bottom line in a way that is in total alignment with your business’s mission and who you really are.”

— Rahul Bhambhani, Lifestyle Consulting

“No business wants to see opportunities pass them by, and we are no different. Our organization was looking to expand our business to new markets both domestically and internationally and we realized that we would have to refine our current business model to do so. We realized that such a daunting task might need some outside help and we worked with several different consulting firms, but none of them fit. RMTD Solutions worked diligently to create adaptable and sustainable solutions that were —- implemented. We were able to increase our profits, become more efficient, and establish greater market presence. I would recommend them to anyone looking to re energize their business.”

— Gobinda Palita, Interior Design and Construction

“Understanding the complicated dynamics of international business is no trivial task, and understanding these dynamics in one of the poorest countries in the world is damn near impossible. We were astounded and delighted to discover a partner of RMTD Solutions’ quality. I say partner because they didn’t treat us like our other consultants have in the past. As an organization within the world’s largest NGO, we have worked with and also acted as consultants numerous times. RMTD Solutions was a breath of fresh air. We were faced with issues from top to bottom. Our company was created from the merging of three separate firms, all with different practices, cultures, subsystems and so on. RMTD Solutions was able to help us re-engineer our business processes, develop new operations, and skillfully manage the integration of the three companies. As a result we were able to double our sales and receive millions in investment to expand our operations. Their commitment, both during their paid service as well as afterwards, has helped us to commence new operations in 6 different countries. We are grateful for their work and would highly recommend them for any organization exploring mergers and acquisitions, international expansion, or simply looking to streamline their operations.”

— Srikanth Tangirala, Software

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